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"He has made everything beautiful in its time" -Ecclesiastes 3:11

Thirty-Six Café


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Our Story

Thirty-Six Café was founded in November 2019 by Macy Lee, a Hmong-American entrepreneur. The café’s vision began when Macy first visited Thailand in the summer of 2017. While exploring local shops, she discovered the honey toast—a thick slice of bread that is toasted, drizzled with honey, and topped with ice cream. She loved the dessert and her experience of eating it so much that she was inspired to return home and share this treat with others. Determined, Macy returned home to the states and began building her dream. In addition to serving delicious sweets, Macy wanted to cultivate and create a space where friends could gather for coffee and decadent desserts, while enjoying each other’s company. With no culinary background and a tight budget, Macy was determined to whip up a unique menu and beautiful place where people could simply relax and eat well. After spending numerous hours in the kitchen testing recipe after recipe, Macy was able to handcraft and perfect her famous soufflé pancakes recipe. Moreover, she also designed, arranged, and decorated all of the floral décor that embellishes the entire café shop. Her persistence and drive pushed her to achieve all of this within two months of time. With the help of a handful of friends and family, Macy was able to accomplish her dream. At thirty-six years of age, this was a defining moment in her personal and professional endeavors. To commemorate this milestone, she named the café after this monumental time in her life. The café operates on a walk-in basis and strives to provide everyone a wonderful, magical dine-in experience. As we seek to grow, we hope to be able to introduce to the rest of the world outside of the Minnesota landscape the beauty and wonders of our soufflé pancakes. 

Reposting one of our favorite pictures of all time. We are closed, but stay tuned for a fu

Our Menu

At Thirty-Six Café, we strive to serve our guests the fluffiest and most delicious pancakes. Our soufflé pancakes are made fresh daily, using fine, high-quality, and natural ingredients. Guests have described our soufflé pancakes as "cloud-like" and incredibly yummy.


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Gluten-Friendly Options

We are so excited to announce that we now have 3 flavors of Gluten-Friendly soufflé pancakes for our fans who have gluten sensitivities and allergies.


However, please note that due to the handcrafted nature of our menu items, variations in ingredients, and the use of shared cooking/prep areas, we are unable to ensure that any menu item prepared in the café will be completely gluten free. We make no claim that these items meet the definition of gluten-free, defined as containing less than 20 ppm of gluten per FDA standards. Because we have multiple sources of gluten in our kitchen, there is risk that gluten cross-contact may occur during preparation and cooking of menu items.


Always request to speak to a team member when inquiring about Gluten-Friendly options and to inform the staff of your food allergies so we can safely accommodate your dietary needs.


How to Order:

  • Must be pre-ordered by phone 24 hours in advance for both dine-in and takeout orders to ensure we have gluten-friendly soufflé pancakes the day you visit our cafe.

  • If you did not place a 24 hour pre-order notice, the only gluten-friendly option we have would be our smoothie bowls without granola or our Basque cheesecakes.


Gluten-Friendly Soufflé Flavors:

  • Classic

  • Lemon Blueberry

  • Mango Sticky Rice


These soufflé pancakes are just as fluffy and incredibly delicious and you can’t tell the difference between these and regular soufflé pancakes.


We can’t wait for our gluten-friendly friends to experience the magic of soufflé!



Our team seats all guests. We seat on a first-come, first-serve walk-in basis ONLY when ENTIRE parties are fully present. There is a max dine-in timeframe of 1 hour and 15 minutes once your group is seated at a table.

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